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Exam 70-671 help needed!

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by lotus flower1, Oct 17, 2012.

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  1. lotus flower1

    lotus flower1 New Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a job offer on the line, if I can pass the exam 70-671 within the next 2 weeks. I've previously worked in licensing before, however just as an administrator, so I only know names of licensing products available and not too much detail.

    Do you think 70-671 is something I could realistically prepare for and pass, within 1-2 weeks time? If you can give me any help or tips for the exam that is great. I just want to know mainly if this is something that could realistically be done from knowing next to nothing to begin with. How much time and/or experience do you suggest is needed to prepare for this exam?
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  2. RichyV

    RichyV Megabyte Poster

    Hi and welcome to CF.

    I'm not familiar with this specific exam but...

    With a self-taught solution I'd be surprised. Can you find a cram session at a college or learning-centre for it? If so you may well be OK. Do you posess any Microsoft Certs currently and therefore know how they work?
    Certifications: B.Sc.(Hons), MBCS. MCP (271,272), MCDST, MCTS (680), MCITP:EDST7, MCSA:WIN7, MCPS, MCNPS
    WIP: 70-686, then onto MCSE: Desktop Infrastructure via MCSA: Server 2012...
  3. lotus flower1

    lotus flower1 New Member

    I have nothing. I've just come from 6 months experience at Ingram Micro as a Licensing Administrator, and know roughly the licensing terminology and options available.

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