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EU Referendum

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by adam9, Apr 20, 2016.

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  1. adam9

    adam9 Bit Poster

    Hi, in terms of jobs for IT and Dev professionals, is it better for the UK to remain in the EU or to leave the EU?

    In terms of work visas, on the one hand, in the UK we are competing for jobs with people from the EU and outside the EU (who have at least one parent from an EU country, giving them a passport to work in the UK). For example in my last job, a graduate in business studies from South Africa got a 1st line Helpdesk job because she had an Italian passport from her Italian father. She had no experience and the support was for English speaking clients based in the UK.

    On the other hand by the same token, we wouldn't be able to compete for work in EU countries, but having said that I only speak English so would other EU countries even consider hiring me. Have any of you been able to get work in other EU countries and thus benefitted from the UK being in the EU?

    Would SME employers be prepared to pay for work visas and indeed keep paying current work visas, if the UK were to leave the EU thus making lessening job competition?

    For me jobs is the number one factor. I appreciate remaining or leaving the EU takes into account many other factors, but jobs is the main priority for me personally. I can't decide if it's better for the UK to stay or leave.
  2. Apexes

    Apexes Gigabyte Poster

    Down to the individual i guess, if you want to do IT work in Europe then staying is better.

    Otherwise if you want to stay in UK and work then leave Europe, more jobs will probably become available due to less applicants. Difficult to forecast
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  3. Pseudonym

    Pseudonym Kilobyte Poster

    If businesses can't employ cheap labour from abroad then there'll just be more and more outsourcing. Which will exacerbate any existing conditions in regards to job availability.
  4. adam9

    adam9 Bit Poster

    Sticking with IT and Dev, do UK business actually pay less wages to people they hire from outside the UK to work in the UK? The people I worked with in my previous two jobs were from a number of different countries in the EU and some outside the EU but had a an EU passport from at least one parent. I was aware they were not earning less because they applied for the same job role UK residents applied for which had a stated salary, and also during a company merger people were talking about their salaries and nobody was earning less than their colleague based on nationality only on years of service and seniority.

    Also you can't outsource certain IT and Dev jobs which require you to be onsite or client facing.
  5. Juelz

    Juelz Gigabyte Poster

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    Wasn't going to comment as I know little about this stuff but this old tale about people from other countries taking the jobs because they are willing to work for less is an absolute joke.. do you think the foreign staff at ASDA are being paid less than the British staff? I laugh when people talk about this its quite funny. I remember a mate of mine went for an interview for a position at a well-known bank, he didn't get the job and it went to a guy from Portugal and he was saying that the guy probably only got the job due to him agreeing to work for less than minimum wage as its a fortune in his country.. I just laughed at him.
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  6. adam9

    adam9 Bit Poster

    Yeah I have to agree with you, certainly for most jobs. Even if a small amount of the £ Sterling is considered a fortune in their country, they are still having to pay UK rates for housing, commuting, utilities, groceries, petrol, supporting relatives, etc. and would need a regular salary to cover all that.

    I think my original question is fairly futile now. The government seems to be in a coalition with many countries around the world to make all lives outside the upper class an uphill struggle while the elitists stay rich through exploitation and the perpetual war as predicted by George Orwell in 1984. No matter who we vote for, how we vote, we are all doomed to be an expendable and stressed work force.

    Too much?

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