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Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by Ally, Feb 1, 2006.

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    Hi, im taking the 70-293 course and am struggling to understand what the recommended ethernet utilization guidlines means!!I seem like i almost understand it but not quite :oops: I.e. below is the guidlines for Shared 10Mbps Ethernet

    Wire Speed - 10 Mbps
    Average Utilization limit - 30%
    Raw Data Throughput limit - 3 Mbps
    Peak Utilization limit - 80%
    Peak Data Throughput limit - 8 Mbps

    Wire speed i obviously understand, that is the max capacity that the wire can theoretically handle.
    However i dont understand the other ones. I know utilization is the percentage of time that the wire is occupied with both succesful and unsuccesful frame collisions so how does 30% average utilization limit relate to the raw data throughput limit of 3Mbps?
    Can anyone put me out my misery?? :biggrin
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    Er - while I don't agree with the percentages as being real in this day and age, 30% of 10 is 3, and 80% of 10 is 8.

    For the antique 10Base-<whatever> these percentages *may* be appropriate - but it depends on the network.

    On most 100Base-TX networks the average can be much higher.

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    Ally, I seriously doubt you will get quizzed on this in the exam.
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