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Etherchannel L2Protocol Tunnel Question

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by eoghan25, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. eoghan25

    eoghan25 New Member

    can anyone explain to me when i am doing an etherchannel over service provide using
    dot1q tunnel and l2protocol tunnel why on the pe side i need to put each of the physical links of the etherchannel into seperate vlan.

    My thinking of it is that on the ce side you create a etherchannel so you have 1 logical link. On the PE side you are not creating an etherchannel so the switch views
    it as it is 2 physical connections if in the same vlan say vlan 100 for an example. So the issue is there is a possible loop. So the ce transmits with it vlan id over the etherchannel to the PE router. The Pe router then adds it qinq tag of 100 then it forwards it back down the other physical link connecting back to the original sourcing ce??

    I was watching the ine advanced technologies and the instructor said for every 2 packet that would go over the trunk to the proper other side pe -ce one would loop back down the other physical link to the source. ????
  2. frankcastle

    frankcastle Bit Poster

    why don't you demonstrate it on packet tracer application. It will clearly show you where packet travels and also it will show if there are any loops at the switch level. I hope you are experienced in working with packet tracer application.
    Certifications: MCSE

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