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ESX Storage

Discussion in 'Virtual and Cloud Computing' started by Donmac, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Donmac

    Donmac Bit Poster

    OK So its time to upgrade the storage on my VMWare Lab at home and make it more my production training lab and I was wondering what other people had put in place for there storage. The plan is I will rebuild the whole setup from scratch as I hacked up the configs pretty bad when I was studying for my VCP and would like the new setup to have nothing in the background to bite me on the a$$ in the future.

    My current lab has the following
    3 x ML115 G5 running ESX4
    2 x ML115 G5 running openfiler
    2 x DLink 1224t Gig switches (Storage is on a separate vlan)

    The 2 openfiler servers were done on the cheap as I had 2 old LSI Logic 150-6 RAID Cards sitting around doing nothing so I just purchased 3 x 1TB SATA II 7200 disks for each server. The MegaRAID Cards are PCI and are connected to 32 bit PCI slots, it works but it isn’t fast. For the last 6 months I have been saving the pennies and I now have £1000 which is burning a hole in my pocket to fix the storage bottle neck :biggrin

    Plan A

    Adaptec 5405 (£300)
    4 x Hitachi 300GB SAS 15k Hard disks (£800)

    I know my math’s sucks and I will have to live with being £100 in overdraft, I could set this up as a RAID5 or a RAID10 and use this as my main storage and leave the second openfiler server as backup storage for servers I'm not currently using. I would also install and boot openfiler via USB

    Plan B

    2 x Adaptec 5405 (£600)
    1 x ML115 G5 (£300)

    I could get this stuff in place and see a performance improvement from upgrading from a PCI RAID Card to using PCI-e, the disks would then become the bottleneck and I can replace them as and when I have spare cash. The extra ML115 is just so I can test lab designs over multiple clusters and I want another one before they stop making them.

    Plan C

    I'm all ears. Anyone have any dedicated storage devices like the StorCenter ix4 ??
    Certifications: a few
    WIP: CCDA, CCNP, Ex2k7, Win2k8

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