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    I keep seeing little errors in my book (the MS press book 2nd edition) and am a little worried about it. One example is IIS in chapter 5 the book says to click start, point at All Programs, point at "Administrative Tools" then click on Internet Information Services. There is no "Administrative Tools" in "All Programs"! (it is found in "Control Panel", "Performance and Maintenance", "Administrative Tools" ) I am running the version of XP Pro that came with the book and have installed IIS as per the previous section.

    Is the 70-270 exam based on the same data as the book was and there fore also will be "wrong" in these areas or do I really have to take the Official Microsoft publication with a pinch of salt and get another book?

    I realise that there is probably no one here that can answer that with authority but I would like to know the oppinions of people who have already done the exam (I could just be tired and making a mountain out of a mole hill :))
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    There are always mistakes made and you need to check the errata files on the MS site HERE
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    Thanks for the link AJ :)
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    This may be an error but an understandable one. The IIS shortcut will appear in All Programs > Administrative Tools *if* the admin pack has been installed on a client machine. I expect the writer had installed the admin pack, hence the errata :rolleyes:
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    That's definitely a mistake I've made before. I've had admin tools installed that most people don't have installed and couldn't figure out immediately why I could get to something they didn't have.... It's pretty easy to forget everything you've installed on your computer in the last year or so along those lines, especially when you're doing a lot of studying/researching such as an author of a book might just be doing. After a while you just assume everyone has access to everything you have because you've been using it so long that it's an everyday tool to you.
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    ISBN: 0735621527 is this one?
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    You might also have to configure it to show up in the XP menu, as it is there by deault in server 2003. Go to start menu properties, customise start menu, advanced and then scroll all the way to the bottom and check the checkbox to show the administrative tools in the start menu.
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