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employment agencies and fake jobs

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by generic_eric, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. generic_eric

    generic_eric Bit Poster

    Oh what a fool i've been!

    Got a phone call on tuesday from a recruitment company near me to tell me that there was a first line support role near me that i would be perfect for. the recruiter went on to say that they were looking for someone to train so experience would not be a problem.

    - she told me all about the company
    - she explained the shift pattern
    - we discussed salaries
    - she asked me if i was busy on friday becasue they were that keen for people too start i would most likely have an interview. i said i would book it off work.
    - all i needed to do was go in a see her on wednesday to fill in some forms

    so off i go to see the recruiter on wednesday morning only to be told i dont have enough experience for the role. my face dropped and the "meeting" came to an end shortly after. she informed me that she would be in touch if anything else came up.

    I smelt a rat the evening before the meeting when i could not find the vacancy on the companies website. i called the company concerned later on the wednesday and it turns out the job does not exist! they have no first line support vacancies whatsoever.

    i am currently in correspondance with their head office to get confirmation of this although they dont seem that concerned that someone is using their company name.

    i recieved an email from the recruiter stating she had been in touch with the company and the feedback was they needed someone with more expeirence. how can you get feed back from a company for a job that does not exist?

    if and when i get written confirmation from the company concenred i plan to contact the recruiter and ask her to explain her actions.

    has this happened to anyone else?
  2. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    Recruiters lie to me on a daily basis, hence the advice I give on this forum.

    After 20 years in IT they are still not easy to deal with.

    Unfortunately you must be on your guard with them at all times, be polite but firm, they will try to control the conversation, the timeline, the process etc. Don't let them, make sure you get what you need out of the process.

    Generally they will want to have off the record chats to get information out of you about your previous employers or colleagues. Often they are seeking to fill the last position you had rather than get you a new one.

    Sometimes they will throw questions at you and bury inappropriate questions amongst innocuous ones. Look out for this, only answer the questions that they are entitled to know the answers too.

    Do NOT :-
    Tell them your references before an interview has taken place and you have a firm job offer in writing.
    Tell them about recent/pending interviews or job leads.
    Tell them about your job search, the market, etc. Keep it business like.
    Tell them about your last boss, company, colleagues. Only the company name and your role.
    Tell them your minimum salary expectation or your current salary.

    Don't travel long distances without checking the position in detail
    Make sure you have all the details, location, rate, responsibilities, company, role, etc.
    Try and get an email with a job specification. Then you have something in writing.
    Explain to them how much experience you have and what sort of position you want.

    Its not uncommon for department managers to hire temps without telling HR, so your enquiries might not prove anything.
    Companies that need someone to start the same week typically have very poor planning, its a red flag and I'd avoid the position anyway.

    If an agent refuses to represent you for a position then you are well within your rights to apply direct.

    Remember most recruiters are wet behind the ears, they don't know IT, and they don't know HR. They are just salespeople trying to make a quick commission. Generally they can't do anything more than a keyword match a 5 year old could do. They are NOT qualified to vet your skills. You have to spell things out to them in single syllables.

    Its unclear whats happened in this case, either miss communication at the company or the recruiter is trying to get something out of you. I do not understand why she said you needed no experience then said you needed experience.

    I've traveled 100+ miles for interviews for entirely unsuitable roles, lost 5+ hours and transport costs.
    Ultimately its your time and resources that get wasted, the recruiter gets paid to give you the run around. So its in your interests to make sure everythings legit before you go too far in the process.

    There are a few half decent recruiters out there and you can also apply direct to companies, so its probably best to dust yourself down and keep looking.

    Goodluck !
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2014
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  3. CJWelch89

    CJWelch89 Bit Poster

    I agree!

    I have spent the last 2 weeks trying to dissociate myself from numerous recruitment agencies that have plastered my CV all over the place and keep sending me spam jobs daily, even hourly!

    I'm getting them calling me up telling me they'd like to setup an interview for positions way way way out of my league, I ask for help desk roles and I get sent job offers for network management and server room engineering, just this hour I received an email telling me based on my certifications I would fit the role as a 'financial analyst' perfectly, what the heck has that got to do with CompTIA A+ :lol:

    Like they say, if you want something done right, do it yourself!
    Certifications: Network+, A+, ITQ 2
    WIP: Security+, Server+
  4. Adzmobile

    Adzmobile Nibble Poster


    I work as an engineer for a consulting company and have been working in IT for a number of years now.

    Since going to client sites i've found myself in position being asked if i know anyone for a job they are looking to hire - since i know the role and doing it. I've always managed to place someone at each of these places but without charging for a fee.

    I thought this might be a good business to explore and ASR Consultants was born ( Infrastructure Recruitment | ASR Consultants).

    What i'm not interested in is doing sales calls, and talking up jobs that are not what they really are. I've had my own share of experiences of getting a positions that was just far to junior and having to leave shortly afterwards or being talked into a role that when i got there, happened to be nothing like i expected.

    I want to try and provide a good service to candidates and an honest one about the position so the candidate and client is clear and we place appropriate people long term rather than the quick wins.

    What would you like to see in a recruitment company and any ideas how we can provide a good service to IT engineers to change this industry from just the sales driven method of working.

    Last edited: May 28, 2014
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