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EMC Associate Program

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by ryanthelion84, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. ryanthelion84

    ryanthelion84 Nibble Poster

    Hi Folks,

    I am wondering if anyone has any experience of the EMC Associate Program?

    I am a storage technical specialist, looking to push into a pre-sales/solution design role and am very much interested in the 'systems engineer'/'technology consultant' roles at EMC.

    I have been in communication with EMC recruiters on and off for the past few months with regard to a position on the their associate program and it looks likely that I will be entering formal discussions with them in the coming week or so.

    Obviously a lot of the questions I have can be answered directly by EMC at this point, however I'm also looking to the experiences of others to allow me to form a well rounded view before I go making any decisions.

    As I understand it the EMC Associate Program is an investment in an individual, to give them a unique grounding into the companies products, processes and ethos through a boot camp style training program followed by on the job experience for the first year in a variety of different sectors, culminating in you finally being let loose into the job role for which you were hired.

    This is therefore a very unique opportunity to receive the kind of training and exposure to a company that often takes a long time to gain if you were to jump straight into a job role and is something I am taking very seriously as a result!

    I have some questions though, around the financials - My current renumeration package is made up of 60% base salary and 40% from on call payments, overtime and a small bonus package and as the sole earner in our household, with my wife looking after our 3 kids, everything penny I earn is important to us.

    I know through some close contacts at EMC what the salaries are like for the true system engineer/tech consultant roles are but I'm wondering if you are given the full salary from the beginning?

    Also, with respect to the boot camp element, does anyone know whether this is in one large chunk, split into smaller chunks based on the courses attended or whether this is flexible for those people like myself with young families.

    Any input is welcome!


    Certifications: 70-290, PRINCEII Practioner, ITIL V3F
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