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  1. flex22

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    This is not really off topic, but I wasn't sure where to put it.

    I've just been reading about IP and all that, and I have always been interested in how does information move so fast through cables and wires etc.

    I really messed up at school and didn't even get my science GCSE.

    I found school boring, but now with the internet I love reading up on how things work, especially science and physics.

    I wanted to go over how electiricty works and so I googled it.

    Here is the result:This is the main page:


    I also got to this link, after following the light switch question:


    I find that these facts are nice to know.They answer my inner questions.

    Maybe most of you guys already know a lot about this stuff, but I'm making up for my misspent youth :sleeping :morebeer :alc2 :morebeer :sleeping
  2. tripwire45
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    If you really want to combine electricity with networking, try power over ethernet: http://www.poweroverethernet.com
    Certifications: A+ and Network+
  3. flex22

    flex22 Gigabyte Poster

    Absolutely brilliant link Trip :thumbleft .You are the linkmeister.

    I just read the white paper for an introduction.I found it very very interesting.

    The implications for UPS are very interesting.

    "There is no need for an expensive electrician"

    YES :!:
    Just an expensive network guru 'eh :D

    "Appliances can be shut down or reset remotely"

    ACE :!:
    More control.I love it.Somebody give me a country :D

    I'll be reading more on this.

    Thanks again Trip.

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