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Eek! Spell check doesn't work!!

Discussion in 'Software' started by delorean, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. delorean

    delorean Megabyte Poster

    Hey all!

    I have a machine here using Outlook 2003. The user has an HTML template appear for creating a new email each time.

    If you click in the area above the start of the HTML stuff (the client writes the email text in the HTML, not above it) the spell check function works. Auto correct works, etc.

    If you type in the table/html area spell check not only does not auto correct but if you hit the spell check button it says the spell check is complete and finds no errors (when to test it I made sure there were errors!).

    Any ideas what's going on? MSKB is brining up nothing, neither is Google. :cry:
    Certifications: A+, MCP 70-270, 70-290, 70-291
    WIP: 70-680, S+, MCSA, MCSE, CCNA
  2. geoboileau

    geoboileau New Member

    Hi, did you ever receive an answer to your question about Spell Check NOT working in Outlook 2003? I'm having the same issue and wish I could fix it. I think it may have something to do with the fact that I'm using Word to edit my emails (never had the problem before switching). In addition, it really sucks that after hitting F7 -- with intentional errors in the document -- it comes back with, “The spelling check is complete.” Thanks in advance for any help you can provide... Gb in Phoenix, AZ USA

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