eBay sellers leave data on hard drives...

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    I've never sold any of my own HDD online, but I do buy broken ones, repair, and sell on. Is there any kind of formatting that can give you anonimnity? I normally just do an unconditional. Or if I feel a hard drive is particularly annoying, I do a low level format, and attach it to a low-flying magnet travelling in the direction of the Bermuda triangle.
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    I tend to use Dariks Boot and Nuke, usually 7 passes is enough (DOD). To be fair people would have to have a lot of time on their hands to recover your data after this, and if they do manage it chances are it would be unusable. The other option is to physically grind down the platters of the hard drive but as you want the hard drive to be usable this probably wouldn't be the best option. Hope that helped!
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