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Ebay add for Sky HD

Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by twizzle, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. twizzle

    twizzle Gigabyte Poster

    Ok so i been browsing fleabay, looking to buy a Sky HD box cheaply (refuse to pay Skys extortionate costs!).

    Some one is selling a Dummy box (outer shell normally used for display) and below is part of thier description for the item:-


    Thomson Sky HD Box - Outer Shell Only.

    Why would you need one of these ?

    #1 : Replacement : Your HD casing is scratched / cracked / damaged. Just swap the housings and Bob's your transvestite Aunty !

    #2 : Display : Use it as a dummy box. You often see them in furniture stores / photo and film sets.

    #3 : Revenge : Wind up that lazy teeneage son who think his parents should give him anything he desires, regardless of cost !

    #4 : Insurance Fraud - "You can clearly see from last weeks photos of our Kylies birthday party - the Sky HD box just over her shoulder, which was also taken during the break in ......."

    #5 : Practicle Joke : Drop it off the local multi-storey car park shouting - "The SKY is falling ! Check out that definition !!!"

    #6 : Neighbourhood Watch : Leave it in an unlocked car and have a right laugh when some doped-up hoodie tries to sell it to Cash Converters !

    I'd have to say i loved the idea for number 3, and numbers 1 and 5 shows the seller has too much time on his hands.
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  2. delorean

    delorean Megabyte Poster


    Genius. This sold me. Can't type any more i'm hastily punching in my credit card details to PayPal!!! :bud
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  3. JonGlory

    JonGlory Byte Poster

    Lol thats great, a least the guy is honest, will never forget about the bloke that bought an XBox box for over 150 quid on ebay becasue he though it was a typo :biggrin

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