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Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by AJ, Dec 29, 2004.

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    I am just back from visiting my family over the festive period and we had a fine time, besides having a bad cold and sinusitis. This is the first real opportunity that I have had to post since then. But that is a small price to pay considering what else went on in the world this week.

    I would like to pass on my thoughts, hopes and prayers to everyone on the other side of the world that was involved, had relatives or knew someone who was lost or lived in the Earthquake affected area of the world.
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    Echo AJ's thoughts - it's hard to spare a thought for those affected when your still tidying up wrapping paper and eating turkey.

    I'm sure we'll all find a moment though for the many many families affected in many ways.

    For anyone in the UK who feels they want to - you can make a donation to the Disaster Emergency Committee's website to be found below:
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    its kind of dis heartening the emptyness of this particular thread huh?
    I gave what little i could, and am still trying to contact a friend who lives in Thailand, although I think he lives further inland, it would be nice to know he is ok, its been a pretty odd start to the millenium really, with 9/11, the tsunami, and the war thats been raging since 2001

    I just read that Mr gates has donated 3 million of his personal funds, whilst amazon has raised almost 8 million (at the time of reading), its nice to see so many pull together to help out where its needed, i only wish there was more we could all do, the very magnitute of the problem is creating logistical nightmares, and there are still many unaccounted for that may yet be added to the final toll

    My thoughts are with the people who flew out on boxing day to do what they can, and those that were there during the event, lets hope that the unity we are seeing across the world this week might remain after the massive relief operations are finished

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    I don't care so much about the thread as what people are actually doing about it. There's so many threads and comments about this disaster on the internet that it would be impossible to respond to each one. It's more important to express compassion through deeds not words.

    No put down to you, Ryan and I'm glad you have done what you can for the victims. We all need to care all the time for our world community...regardless of the suffering, great or small.

    I think the John Donne classic says it all:

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