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Dynamics IT Solution - Am I being ripped off

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by StaffordshireT, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. StaffordshireT

    StaffordshireT New Member

    (First, sorry for bad english, Live UK for 6 years ,I'm 23 birthday next few months)

    Dynamics IT Solutions - £21k - JOB ROLE - (Microsoft Support Technician Engineer) (They say this is INTERNAL JOB with Dynamics IT)

    “Dynamics employees are qualified to at least the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) level. MCITP certified employees are experts with the skills necessary to manage and support the bespoke IT solutions we design with Microsoft Server 2008."

    Also, about fee:

    "Prior to you starting to support our client and end users, you will need to be Microsoft certified to verify your skills and knowledge. A Refundable Exam Fee of £250 will be required to be paid towards your certification if you are successful in your interview."

    I can easy use computers to do basic stuff (configure router, wifi, configure antivirus, repair corrupt HD, etc)

    OK, I had a interview about 1week ago. I told them when they asked questions about 2008 Server, etc. I said to the people I have 0% experience. I have no College or University qualifications. my work experience is in Clothes store.

    Anyway, straight away the next day I was offered 'training' and if I pass exams I will get £21k job. I'm happy!! So I come again to make card payment £250. I signed papers (look at pictures below for more info)

    I think to myself, I will study hard for this. I have ONE MONTH to pass the mock and real test!!

    Here's what I must pass on contract states:

    2 Modules (windows XP/ Windows Server 2003)


    Anyway, I receive emails of what I need to learn and I checked the total completion of learning following modules on microsoft site, total time adds to :

    56 Hours for Skills Assessment (Mock Test, if I fail this I will not get job/refund) (2285, 2274, 2275, 2276)

    38 Hours for REAL TEST in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Exam (10240 to 10244) and (6720 to 6719)


    -I have NO EXPERIENCE with this technical IT stuff in these modules, even if I learn how can I remember all this in one month, is it possible?

    -Also I have to book test myself for mock (3 day notice) and real test with Prometric Testing (Microsoft IT Solutions Exam). Why am I booking? they should do it for me?

    -To contact them for assistance, they have premium numbers (0844) or email, why can't provide mobile so cheaper for me?

    -All the bad reviews I heard, make me worry cry!


    1. Job Offer.jpg

    2. Booking Form.jpg

    3. Agreement of Undertsanding.jpg
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  2. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator


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  3. StaffordshireT

    StaffordshireT New Member

    £250 for training course, but all previous posts about this company saying bad things and owners have VERY CROOKED history, they make 13 IT Training companies and all went bankrupt/liquidation!

    :cry:Im bad shape now
  4. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    You need to get out of that, you will NEVER, EVER pass those games with no experience. This is exactly why training providers have such a terrible reputation of making clueless people jump into training for a 3 year IT technician.

    Get advice quickly as any cancellation rights will have a time limit. Look in the local phone book or go to the Citizens Advice website Adviceguide, self help from Citizens Advice for contact details of your nearest CAB

    Best of luck!
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  5. SirInsomniac

    SirInsomniac Bit Poster

    Anyone that guarantees you a job at the end of your training is selling you a load of BS. I'm doing all my training through Reed.co.uk...essentially they're a reseller for Skillsoft which in my own research from working in the IT industry for a number of years turned out to be really exceptional. To date I've found the course material fantastic....I'm doing my CompTIA Network+, CCNA and MCITP with them as we speak...they're not cheap (it cost me £2500 for the three courses excluding exams) but I've had great support from the online tutors so far. I'd highly recommend them.

    PS. I don't work for an IT training provider, nor have I done so in the past, nor do I get any referral payments from anyone...I just think that when you find a good thing, share it!

    - - - Updated - - -

    If you paid on your credit card, say that it was a fraudulent transaction as they can't provide what you're supposed to have contracted for....this might get you out of it.
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  6. StaffordshireT

    StaffordshireT New Member

    thanks for the help guys, no worries, I will be visiting them soon and will let you know what happens:twisted:
  7. SameProblemDynamics

    SameProblemDynamics New Member

    Hi Dear StaffordshireT , I have the same problem, and i have the same letter and same exams.

    As you said , if I fail this I will not get job/refund) OK! (2285, 2274, 2275, 2276),
    My question is: Does it mean I have to pass also this exams too (For Windows 7 Exam) + (For Windows Server 2008 Exam)?

    Basically do I have to do the Skills Assessment or Mock exam for all of then (2285, 2274, 2275, 2276) + (Win 7-680 Server 2008-640) to as well?

    look froward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks
  8. shadowwebs

    shadowwebs Megabyte Poster

    Just by skim reading this post I have worked out a couple of things that should have signalled "warning" when you signed up to this...

    They offered you a £21k IT job, you told them you have 0% experience, yet they are still interested in taking you on and will refund you £250 exam costs if you pass all exams within 1 month. To pass all the exams within 1 month is next to impossible unless your spending 12 hour days studying and that is not recommended.
    Certifications: compTIA A+, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.10 (OS X Yosemite, Server and Support)
  9. AdamV

    AdamV Bit Poster

    Just to clarify some facts to allow people to make up their own minds about Dynamics IT Solutions (=Dynamics IT Ltd):

    - Two of the directors of all the dissolved and liquidated companies involved in the Thornton group were also previously directors of Women in IT Ltd at 1 Ropemaker Street, London (currently dormant, not dissolved but not filing accounts), but this is a different company. (this is a matter of public record)

    - Dynamics IT Ltd is also at 1 Ropemaker Street, but the company director is a completely different person called Anjana Tailor (this is also a matter of public record of course)

    You probably also want to keep your eyes open for Dynamics Resourcing Ltd (formerly "Pimp my Future" - honestly! and Dynamics IT (Birmingham) Ltd). Company director Hema Rana was also involved with some of the James Thornton companies. I notice the Dynamics IT website mentions "Resourcing" being one of their divisions (but the name may be pure coincidence as it is a separate registered company).

    *** REMOVED *** Be very careful with any such approach offering guaranteed work after you pay someone a fee up front for training but have to meet some arbitrary qualifications you may not be ready for.

    As for those contracts it does seem like you may have signed up to something a bit foolishly. While the company is in breach of various technicalities they are probably not enough to get you out of them, but kick up a fuss via the CAB and you may get somewhere.

    Some of the minor things they should do but don't:
    All company correspondence (including the letter they gave you) should state clearly the company name, the fact that they are registered in England and Wales, their company number and the company registered office address. It seems they have some or all of these bits but in different places but not all on one piece of paper.
    Their website should have the same (again, it kind of does but in different places, not together. Neither seems to meet the requirement to state where they are registered.
    Their website should show their VAT number, if indeed they are VAT registered. Of course if they are then they should tell you that your £250 includes VAT and you should get a proper VAT receipt. Maybe they are keeping the business small enough to avoid VAT registration at the moment,*** REMOVED *** It's hard to know what their turnover is since they are two months overdue with filing their accounts (more alarm bells?)

    Of course their claims to be a Microsoft Gold Partner for Learning and all sorts of other things simply don't stand up to basic check on Microsoft Pinpoint - they simply do not have the accreditations or clout that they are claiming on various pages of their website.

    Edit: Following a telephone call claiming that my comments here are in some way slanderous (sic), I have removed the names of two former directors of James Thornton as they have nothing whatsoever to do with Dynamics IT and therefore their names should not appear in the context of this thread. In the interests of keeping the peace, I have complied with removing the names of one director and his wife from this post and making it clearer that I know of no specific link between these companies, - I had not heard of either of them until today when I did some simple research into the company's filing history. I hope this redaction and clarification is satisfactory to them.
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  10. StaffordshireT

    StaffordshireT New Member

    thanks for the support guys, I've realized this is all impossible and will get my money back - and I WILL GET MY MONEY BACK ;)

    I'll keep you update thanks
  11. Hertfordshire_sun

    Hertfordshire_sun New Member

    Hi StaffordshireT, I had experienced same like you and now they are not responding at all......Hav you met any trading standard people or any advisors. Plz update the status...thx
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  12. tigerup

    tigerup New Member

    Hi guys,

    I also fallen into the trap of this job "offer" , I read about this thread and ask some Microsoft technicians and understood that this is a froud, so I filed a complaint and I managed to receive a cash back of the deposit of 250 pounds.
  13. Hertfordshire_sun

    Hertfordshire_sun New Member

    Hi Tigerup, I deposited £500 can I know how to get my money back please.........can you clearly explain for me plzzzz
  14. AJJ

    AJJ New Member

    contact me for information
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  15. mcgroch

    mcgroch New Member

    Hi guys... I've got the same problem... they gave me 2 moths to pass MCITP exams (vDesk as a part of Dynamics IT). But I will also need to contact you how to get my 395 pounds back for "passing" 70-640, 70-642, 70-643, 70-647 and 70-662. Why I was so stiupid.
  16. mcgroch

    mcgroch New Member

    I found information about this case in:

    Such contract terms may be found to be unfair, and hence legally unenforceable. For guidance on this, we refer to the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977. In a nutshell, this piece of legislation protects consumers who enter into legally binding agreements with suppliers where the contract is biased in favour of the supplier. Unfair clauses are those which try to exclude any of the following:

    liability for negligence in the event of death or personal injury. Liability for loss or damage may be excluded, but only where it is considered reasonable.
    liability for breach of contract. This includes situations in which the supplier did not carry out their contractual obligations (the item was not as described or the service not carried out)
    Indemnity clauses are those which protect an individual or a supplier from legal action in the event of professional negligence
    Product guarantees designed to protect the consumer in case of damage of defect
    Statutory rights with regard to Sale of Goods and Supply of Goods and Services legislation.
    Misrepresentation in the form of false or inaccurate claims

    Giving the supplier the right to determine whether the goods you receive are as described or allowing him to interpret contractual terms as he sees fit.
    Legally obliging you to fulfil your obligations, while not obliging the supplier to fulfil his.

    And from me:

    I was applying for a 1st line helpdesk IT technician and I was told to pass some exams to obtain the certificate. I was not told or informed about the character of these exams and obtained that information after I came back home – on my email box. I realized that MCITP exams are for server administrators NOT for helpdesk IT technicians. I was misguided, provided with inaccurate information and forced to pay the examination fee in order to start the course, in order to obtain the job which is confusing because I thought that the exams will be carry out while working on the job. I was not informed that courses will be carry out through the internet platform and that I will be on my own. Everythings on me and if I do not pass the exams on time my job offer will be invalid.
    Basic on the European Regulations I think I was fooled by the supplier as he formed the contract so it is on his in favor as the position mentioned in the contract is not specified and can have a very weird meaning. Understanding of the position in the contract can vary from the one being proposed. I was given an inducement of getting the job. This is very urgent and I do not know what to do or where to turn to. I am in England for two weeks and this was my first job interview. I have also found in the Internet topics on forums regarding this company and it has scammed many people.

    What do you think? ;/
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  17. mcgroch

    mcgroch New Member

    c'mon guys I really need your advice in this matter... ;/
    I'm not noob, I just need advice because I am new in UK...
  18. Sam

    Sam New Member

    MCGROCH they are a fraud company now operating under new name Vdesk Pro but at the same address. They ripped off tens of job seekers if not 100s. The best thing is to get an advise from CAB and also report it to Action fraud and snapsurveys Just Google them

    Also search for 02071531403/9 in Google and you will find a lot of other guys who got into the same trap

    I am not allowed to place ULRs so you need to google them yourself.
    Wish you all the best
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  19. dmarsh

    dmarsh Terabyte Poster

    mcgroch, the law is an ass, caveat emptor, etc.

    You can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) or contact a lawyer.

    However you are unlikely to get any satisfaction, even if you have the money for a prolonged court case, and get awarded damages, you will most likely find they will just shut up shop.

    There are countless stories about these type of companies all over the internet.

    You could try contacting your MP, but again they seem to have better things to worry about so without mass public support and a big campaign I doubt you will get much from this either.

    So generally its buyer beware, don't give money to people without a through investigation into them, don't get talked into stuff by salesmen. If you are applying for a job, apply for jobs, don't let people try and talk you into all sorts of complex schemes.

    Generally a job is something where you exchange your time and services for money, not the other way round ! You should not be paying for other peoples services.

    Whatever the economists might say about it, we are in a recession. There are thousands of qualified experienced people out of work already in the UK, employers have their pick of people, the only factors are how much are they prepared to pay to get good people, and how good do they want the people to be.

    I expect any places struggling to get people aren't paying market rates for qualified candidates, thats the only reason why the jobs might be unfilled. Filling this gap with unqualified people who have paid their way through a scam course is not the answer. It merely helps to lower rates of pay and fast track unskilled people into jobs they aren't qualified for and give them fake qualifications.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2013
  20. ITSpartan

    ITSpartan New Member

    Sigh*** these people are still existing now under VDesk, my mate went their during the last two weeks and good thing he is street smart and had this figured out. Sometimes we take the mick out of people who arent as articulate as us, but these people have more wits about them than a martial artist.

    Graduates, desperate grads, unemployed people please be patient and avoid companies like these.

    ANY company offering guaranteed jobs after taking money first or offering expensive training then a job after is a scam.

    Should i expose my experience here in risk of looking the ultimate fool? What do I care i never post here.

    Ive been a victim of this type of scam and Originally a company in moorgate cant remember the name Gauranteed a job and IT training giving me a year to complete. They offered a refund option and I paid £500 + pounds, dont know what i was thinking but hey...

    few years later after i had finished university another company by the name dynamics IT called me up offered me an interview at short notice....."we can squeeze you in statement". Went in there stupid as i am actually told them i dont think i can pay any money upfront ive been scammed before. The woman interviewing, indian woman with half her chest hanging out reassured me saying "we do know youve been scammed but we are genuine" showed me a directory of 100's of IT companies on a spread sheet claiming these are her clients.....was taking calls from random people claiming they are willing to join up and make final payments........

    for all we know it could be the manager next door indian guy calling her up every 5 seconds. anyway she took partial payment £150 pounds and i stupidly signed........the rest is history..

    I was actually unemployed for 7 months things were getting desperate....I got a call and was wary but it was from a reputable IT agency offering work. So I went for the interview they never asked anything financial. Now I am working in a charity on humble earnings" not 21k but enough to get by.

    A charity who is actually throwing courses at me for free. So why would I need to pay for MCITP which my company is offering to me now for free a charity for that matter?

    Please please please grads do not fall for these types of scams. I have lost over £1000 pounds from various scams relating to jobs because i was desperate gullible and stupid. It is painful experience but this is a hard way of learning. Criminals are suited and booted and working amongst everyone else. Anyone can rent an office for the day and pose as a legitimate business. The way the law is written protects them.

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