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Dynamic routing with RIP

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by zr79, Mar 2, 2009.

  1. zr79

    zr79 Byte Poster

    Am i right in saying that when broadcasting using RIP that you add the default network ip for every adjacent network segment from the router, like see below,


    or should it be, all i have changed here is that i did add the network segment between the router and PC whereas i didn't in the last image..

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  2. kammodo

    kammodo Nibble Poster

    Right. Answer to your two question (better late than never!).
    Q1 Yes Q2 Yes
    It depends on what routes that you want to be made visible to the rest of the network.
    ie how can PC0 talk to PC1 if Router 0 is not advertising its LAN network. (Anyhow what up with the addressing scheme for that link between PC0 and Router0?) remember that if you are using discontigous network layout that you use RIP v2, ip classless routing. In this case i think you should be fine. A quick way (but inefficient) metheod of advertisements, would be configuring the classfull address in the network statement for that router. that will encompass all your networks. For best practice use the correct mask, cause in a live enviroment you would be shot for taking a short cut like this. (got the scars)
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