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DVI-I Dual Link Port and HDMI AudioEndPointBuilder

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ad, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Hi hope everyone is well. I haven't posted for a while due to illness.

    I have a couple of questions if anyone can help please.

    1) Can a Dual Link DVI-D cable fit into a Dual Link DVI-I port? My new monitor has the DVI-D port and my PC has the DVI-I port.

    2) Because I had a spare HDMI cable and converter but no HDMI port on my PC, I currently use a HDMI setup connecting to the HDMI port of my monitor which has no speakers. I was previously using a VGA cable to my old VGA monitor.

    After plugging in the HDMI setup however a new service called AudioEndPointBuilder popped up in Services which initially was taking up a lot of CPU. I'm hoping a DVI cable will not have this because it carries no audio data/signal.

    Long boring story short, I am about to format my PC and am wondering if I should just get a DVI-D cable. Will that avoid any AudioEndPointBuilder services popping up and free up some CPU? My monitor has no speakers so I don't need to worry about audio output. Or should I save my money and stick with the HDMI setup?

    If I buy a DVI cable I may go for the one below, at £6 it seems pricey by a couple of quid but the avg. reviews seem to be fairly good my monitor is 1080p HD and graphics card Radeon HD 4850.
    £5.99 Free Delivery

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  2. SimonD
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    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    Sorry but you think £6 is pricey? Wow.

    Anyway yes the DVI-D can fit in to the DVI-I port, have a look here for more information on DVI-I and DVI-D - What is the difference between DVI-I and DVI-D?
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    Thanks for the confirmation, I think I'll just buy the cable and see if it gets rid of the AudioEndPointBuilder. I read that it is a standard Windows 7 service, but I'm sure it only started coming up and with high CPU usage when I started using the HDMI cable with the new monitor.

    My top websites (other than certforums of course!) are Money Saving Expert and HotUkDeals, I am really cheapo at the moment and have found a few DVI-D cables for £4. However the avg. reviews are not as good so I'll best stick with this £6 one.

    Cheers Simon.

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