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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by fastrhino, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. fastrhino

    fastrhino Nibble Poster

    I have a denon home theater dvd player and i want to conect it to my flat panel monitor that i use for my computer, the only video imput i have is either D-sub or dvi, the out put on the dvd player is scart, svideo, or phono

    how can i set up the my dvd to watch on my computer monitor, i don't want to lose the quality surround sound i get from the denon

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  2. simongrahamuk
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    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Not something that I'm all that familliar with but I'm not sure that you can.

    Unless there is some type of converter out there?

  3. noelg24

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    you might struggle mate...I am right in thinking the monitor doesnt have a S-video out port as u mentioned you said u only have DVI and D-Sub...you might get away with a converter as such...I dont know if they do scart to DVI or D-sub...but it would be handy to have a look...otherwise you're stuck mate...
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  4. fastrhino

    fastrhino Nibble Poster

    alternate solution, use the dvd player on my computer to play the film and take the sound via the digital fiber optic output of the built i sound card which is 7.1 and use the denon as an amp for the ass kicking sound i want

    would this be a better option
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  5. hbroomhall

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    You can get the TV output from your player to appear on your monitor with an adaptor from the likes of Keene Electronics. These cost about £80 these days.

    However - *some* monitors won't go to a sufficiently low scan frequency to work correctly - you will have to check the specs. For example - my NEC 21" flat panel will do 60Hz but not 50Hz, so I get my DVD player to output in NTSC!

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  6. Baba O'Riley

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    Hi Rhino,

    I use one of these, price £40, to connect my Xbox to an LCD monitor. It has S-Video or component inputs and outputs to D-Sub. It also takes the output from the PC so you can easily switch between sources. With a little tweaking of the settings, you can get a good picture. It also switches audio, but only stereo. If you're wanting to switch between surround sound sources, you're looking at minimum £100 for an A/V switch.

    One other thing to bear in mind with this, the output from the DVD player is likely to be lower res than the native resolution of the monitor, so if you're sitting right up close to the screen (as if you were using the PC), it's not going to look too great.

    HTH. :D
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