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Dusting off the tech cobwebs!

Discussion in 'New Members Introduction' started by Binary'snotscary_74, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Binary'snotscary_74

    Binary'snotscary_74 New Member

    Hi all, I'm trying to get into the IT world. I have worked many jobs from realtor to superintendent but have never worked a tech job. I went to New York institute of technology in 95' as a Computer Science major but only got thru 3 semesters before I foolishly decided my job as a cashier was more important at the time because I was getting paid good money at the time 12/hr at a family business which in the 90's equated to 20/hr now:rolleyes:
    I was young and dumb and didn't realize how close I was to a cushy life at possibly a company like EA or Rockstar. (Side note :The reason I picked CS for a major was because I started programming when I was 12 on a radio shack trs-80 making stick figures dance and making hangman games:oops: I also wrote a game idea for a fighting game where horrendous finishing moves would happen to the loser...sound familiar:twisted.

    But I dropped out of college and here I am 20 yrs later still chasing a dream. I have decided I want to work the network/security/cloud/wireless side more than Programming this time. I actually self study for comptia A+ about 5 years ago but life sucked my desire out to finish and take the test. But I did build my computer I use still to this day in my home office by just upgrading the guts once new tech comes out . So now that u know my life story can you please guide me in the right direction of becoming a Network administrator ?

    What entry level job could I start at?
    Can I get that entry job with just self study(Trainsignal )cnaa ,n+,A+
    Am I too old to just start IT with no IT jobs on my résumé ?


    P.s. I currently work for Walmart sweating in 100 degree heat as a shipper clerk/Loader asking myself wth am I doing here:eek:
    WIP: N+,C+ security+

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