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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MrNice, Oct 22, 2005.

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    I am currently in the process of ordering a new PC. I have just over a £1000 to play with and am using the budget Pentium D 820.
    Can anyone recommend a good Mobo to run this on? I am having varied success in looking and of the limited boards that seem to support the Pentium D most have other drawbacks, price being the obvious one. What gives with the SLI dual PCI-E slots on most of them? do they work with just one graphics card? I am presuming if the spec dont state Pentium D then it wont run even though the socket type matches? Think that something to do with the bios but not sure?

    Any help/advice most gratefully recieved on any components to go in this baby!
  2. noelg24

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    personally MrNice I would go for the AMD X2 CPUs...cos you have a wider range of Mobos that support these babies...if I was gonna build a new PC (which I hope to do after Xmas and New Year) I would deffo go for those bad boys...Pentium not my fave atll but everyone has their preference ...so good luck mate..hope it goes well for you...but you will be stuck for compatibility...
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    I would personally go for the X2 3800+.
    Its slightly more on the price side (about £80 i think) but you get better performance and compatibility.

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  4. Neall

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