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Discussion in 'Active Directory Exams' started by kevicho, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    For those of you who are new to dsmove (Ive used it once before) I hope to save you a painfully frustrating lesson (when it comes to moving inside sub OU's as the study material focuses on main OU's)

    The first thing I will say is make sure you spell everything correctly, as a typo meant I wasted 10 mins looking up an issue which doesnt exist lol

    Secondly I was moving a user called Joe Bloggs in the contoso.com domain (how original), from a sub OU called Users in an OU called East, to a sub OU users in a OU called West.

    The syntax is below

    dsmove "CN=Joe Bloggs,OU=Users,OU=East,DC=contoso,DC=com" -newparent OU=Users,OU=West,DC=contoso,DC=com

    Note that the OUs are listed in the heirarchy of which the user will be added, then working upwards towards the main OU (I hope you understand what I mean by that).

    To illustrate the command below doesnt work.

    dsmove "CN=Joe Bloggs,OU=East,OU=Users,DC=contoso,DC=com" -newparent OU=West,OU=Users,DC=contoso,DC=com

    Im posting this here as I couldnt find anything on the net and im hoping to save someone some frustration.
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  2. Tinus1959

    Tinus1959 Gigabyte Poster

    Yes, I spotted that one too. I tell my student to say "which is in" for the comma.
    The first part would then sound like:
    Move joe blogs which is in the ou users which is in the ou east which is in the domain contoso which is in the (tld) domain com.
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