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Driver CDs

Discussion in 'Sales and Swaps' started by datarunner, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. datarunner

    datarunner Byte Poster

    Hi All

    Dont know if this is appropriate here and if not then delete but I have loads of different universal driver CDs which are priceless for building, upgrading and repairing PCs with obscure hardware / driver requirements.

    Either burn to cd or flash drive and use a virtual cd prog like daemon tools to mount then run the windows add hardware wizard and viola. Descrption:

    Universal XP Driver CD

    No more need to spend hours online browsing for drivers (XP and win2k platforms

    When you get those annoying Yellow question marks in your device manager

    Just pop the Universal Driver CD in and Windows will automatically search the
    comprehensive drivers base thats on it.

    This CD (Iso format about 600 mb) contains software drivers for over 25000
    hardware components from brands such as Dell HP Compaq IBM Sony Toshiba
    Panasonic as well as hardware component manufacturers Intel 3Com VIA nVidia ATI
    SoundMax and many more.

    I'm not really into selling these but will burn to cd and post for a small fee.

    I can also integrate automatic driver installation for any hardware during a windows install but thats another story.

    Hope this helps the builders and repairers out there.
    Certifications: A+, N+, MCP 210, 270, HNC Networking

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