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Discussion in 'CIW Certifications' started by Jacknife, Feb 18, 2005.

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    OK, well I want to get a CIW Master Designer cert and was wondering ehich of the 2 options people would recommend. I have spoken to firms that say 200-400 hours for distance learning and 100 hours (3 x 5 day courses) for classroom.

    Any ideas?

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    Is it just me, or do timescales like that just seem a little suspect???? I'll admit that you can learn faster in a classroom than through distance learning. but still.....

    I had a company trying to sell me a package (for about 5k) which would teach and certify me in A+, N+, CCNA, Server 2003, and several other certs. all in about 3 months. suspect? i thought so!

    But in answer to your question jacknife (welcome to the forums btw) is that, if you can do it, and reccommend classroom teaching any day. you have the advantage of a teacher right there in front of you (who should know what they are talking about), and classmates to bounce off. at the end of the day, it means that you will learn quicker than at home (it also means that you are less likely to stop studying, i problem im finding from home study)

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    This is an old thread, but an interesting topic.

    I'm a big advocate for distance learning or at-home learning, more specific, a form of self-study. Not that it is any better than a classroom. I agree that in a classroom, there's an instructor for immediate guidance and other students are present for discussion or opposing opinions. The learning process should by all means be quicker.

    I work at home. I run a home-based business that primarily provides a service. Plans are to expand our interests to include an increase in retail sales and possibly a outlet in online sales. Thus my interest in the CIW Certification track.

    Besides my responsibilities with the business, I care for a disabled elder. A classroom environment is out of the question for me. So I turn to the Internet.

    Traditional distance-learning is an option, but is generally an expensive venture. Granted, there are instructors that you can offer questions or opinions to and hopefully get some sort of timely response that you can make sense of.

    As I said, I'm a big advocate of self-study from home. I can work at my own pace, no deadlines. As far as questions or opinions go, I belong to several forum groups, from certification focus groups to groups that simply share information. I intend to follow the CIW track in an attempt keep a little structure in the process. I have a few i-Net+ and CIW reference manuals as well as a few other related textbooks. And some of the things that we're taught in this line of study is how to use the Internet to find answers. I use a Wiki to collect tidbits of information that I can review later, and I have my computers to practice theory and principles on and review my studies with immediate results.

    I'm not putting down a classroom environment. I think they're great if you're able to go that route and traditional distance learning is a great option for some. But there is so much free information available in the web that it deserves some serious investigation.

    I've heard the complaints about the vendors in your area charging outrageous prices for certification study material so let them eat their product. There are enough people here that can offer guidance and enough free resources in the web to gain the education required to pass these exams. All it takes is a little initiative and a desire to work together to accomplish your goals.

    Well, now that you know that I'm completely Daff, what do you think?


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