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Digital Forensics Job

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Invictus13, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. Invictus13

    Invictus13 New Member

    Hi all,

    I am a serving law enforcement officer and looking to transition my career towards the digital forensics side.

    I have over 5 years of court-room experience and evidence handling (from minor to major offences). I have

    also 3 years experience in the intelligence side of things.

    Anyway, despite what many of you may think the police in the UK have very very small High Tech Unit

    departments and most of the time cybercrimes have to mount up to more than £100,000 for them to be

    investigated. That leaves me with hardly any possibility of entering...its very much dead man's shoes and

    even then lots of cases get subcontracted to private digital forensics companies.

    I have spoken on other forums to other people who advised me to go for the encase passport and get those

    courses under my belt. I was looking for advice on how to proceed to transit my career, what courses to

    take etc... from the experienced amongst you.

    Thanks for the input.
  2. UKDarkstar
    Honorary Member

    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    PM sent
    Certifications: BA (Hons), MBCS, CITP, MInstLM, ITIL v3 Fdn, PTLLS, CELTA
    WIP: CMALT (about to submit), DTLLS (on hold until 2012)

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