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Diablo 3 Collectors Edition Free to user who joins Guild

Discussion in 'Gamers Hangout' started by tomshawk, Nov 27, 2011.

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  1. tomshawk

    tomshawk Byte Poster

    Hey everyone,

    I hope this doesn't break any board rules, as I am not promoting a competitive site.

    As some may have noted, I created a Diablo III Fansite as I love this game so much.

    I decided to create a Clan so we can go in as a group and slaughter Diablo together collecting as much loot and cool gear as possible.


    The main reason for this post: Clan execs will choose one a Random person the day before Diablo 3 goes live to receive a copy of Diablo 3 Collectors edition free.

    The only requirements are you must be an active member of the site, join the Clan and have a Valid PO Box or street address.
    You will have the option to get the CDkey once I get home that morning, so you can add it to and download it via your Blizzard Battle.net account while you wait for the shipping of the Box Set.

    So, come on over and lets chat Diablo

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