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degree/cert advice

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by roxxor92, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. roxxor92

    roxxor92 New Member

    hello, I am a new member here and just starting college towards an IT degree. still not to sure what exactly I want to specialize in so im looking for advice.

    first off if anyone could tell me what a work day would consist of as a Systems/Developer guy as opposed to a Tech/Admin guy.

    from what ive read it seems like generally the more itside/administration you get the more tied down you are?

    im getting a 2 year degree in either cit - infrastructure or cit - developer. then I am transferring to ferris state for the 4 yr program, if I go infrastructure my classes consist of two A+ courses, 4 Cysco networking courses and some other stuff. and that transfers to the CIT degree at ferris. if I go the developer route, its more along of the lines of networking/Programming etc, and it transfers to a CIS degree at ferris. seems like they are both pretty similar for the most part, wondering if theres any preferences here and the major differences?

    also some recommendations would be great on cert/specialty combonations for each of them? ive been reading that cloud is a good gig to get into. saw a website that recommended like cloud-admin-storage-security certs for a good specialization, im sure theres a million and one out there, but looking for some tips/experience to help me narrow down my options, then start eliminating based on what I don't like doing and overall pay.

    also other advice and information/links/anything that will help me out would be greatly appreciated. (any specific classes I should take at my CC or the 4yr aside from required?)

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