Debian: how many CD's??

Discussion in 'Linux / Unix Discussion' started by supag33k, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. supag33k

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    Ping Freddie or Phoenix,

    With Debian 3.1r - how many cd's does it take to get the linux os and openoffice/apps etc??

    I am at our ISP's linux mirror - where I can ftp download at reduced cost and there are 14 iso's there...surely I dont need all of them??
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    Usually, you only need the first ISO image. After that, you can download anything else you need besides the base system using apt-get. Oh...sorry I'm not Freddy or Phoenix. I'm sure they'll be along in a bit. :wink:

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  3. ffreeloader

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    You can also do a netinstall and install only what you want. A full default Debian install using the netinstall cd is in the neighborhood of a 500-550 meg download. The net install cd itself is only about 110 megs. You can download it from the Debian site too.

    As to the full set of cd's, well, I do all my "sarge" installs from the netinstall cd. If I remember correctly from the woody installs I did from cd I used only the first two cds, but woody only had 7 cds, not 14.
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  4. supag33k

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    Thanks for your help people...

    I'l just go with 4 or 5 CD's as I can always add via the Net - as it so rightfully has been pointed out.

    I have done a bit before with Mandrake and Redhat...but I am a noob with Debian.

    First up I am re-partitioning an ntfs volume on an apple notebook to install Debian 3.1r onto. I have partman and ntfsresize 1.9.4 that - from my understanding - can be run from the 1st CD during installation of Debian to re-partition the existing NTFS volume.

    I just have to make sure that the notebook still works as Windows 2000 default boot as users may borrow it from time to time.
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