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Dataprobe iboot

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Boycie, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Boycie
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    Boycie Senior Beer Tester

    I am currently investigating an issue with a client who has been experiencing issues with their SDSL service. On both occasions I have been involved with, I have contacted the carrier who have not reported any issues (to be fair, their status page does list a history of upgrades/issues etc although none around the times of our service loss). The Draytek 3100 has always been kept up-to-date with firmware although when the service is lost, I am unable to connect to the device unless it is power cycled.

    Draytek will have the unit in for repair although they need to buy another unit as there are no loan devices available. I have just stumbled across this and wondered if anyone else is using/thinking of using them. I am worried that a new device will do the same, but would like to give them the options. Personally, considering the amount of agro it causes when the service goes down, i would like to have a new unit and the i-boot to be on the safe side! Oh, they also do a strip which would be handy if the firewalls/servers lock-up too!

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  2. UKDarkstar
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    UKDarkstar Terabyte Poster

    I've always found Draytek stuff to be very good tho' never tried their SDSL hardware. As far as the unit goes my only comment would be on the security of the password as you wouldn't want some bright spark mucking about with rebooting equipment.

    Might be worth seeing if someone like APC does anything similar.
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