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    Guys there are so many threads asking for guidance on CV writing and content. I am posting two CVs that I have used over the last decade or so with information on them that have worked for me, now the reason I moved to the second CV was that it's more aimed at the consultant rather than 1st \ 2nd line engineer and it's something that I would say works better when you have the right skill set.

    The Simon Blank CV was my first CV, it worked wonders for me for years as a junior engineer, it has enough information in the right places that it got me work all the time (please understand that the content of the CV is only a small part in getting the job, it get's you the interview).

    The Simon Blank 2 CV is my current CV (although I haven't used it in over 4 years but would be my current for any future roles). This is more aimed at the senior engineer\consultant and again has worked for me in the past.

    One thing to remember, the longer you have been working the longer your CV is expected to be, don't keep full information on your CV for a role from 10 years ago, every year reduce the information for the oldest roles and ensure you don't present war and peace, it is ok to go over 2 pages even if people say it's not (again I am assuming you're not straight in to IT and filling it with your roles as a bricky\chippy etc, keep it relevant).

    Have a look at them, use them, abuse them but make sure it has your information in there.

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    Cracking them mate and a really good idea for a thread. I wonder should we do more like this? A career pack although I suppose you do have to watch six hundred people apply for roles with the exact same thing. I've met a few people in my time who think nothing of copying from me word for word much to my horror ha ha
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    Those Cv's are top notch, will use them.
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