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    I've decided to pursue the self taught road to getting some certs, I realise you have to book exams through a Prometric centre. Is there any single site which provides up to date info on exams , their costs and any prequisites needed. Have checked various training providers which seem keen on listing all modules involved in their training and a list of exams but no idea on costs involved. this probably has been asked before so apologies if I am covering old ground here
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    If you have a look in the Traning and Development Forum I'm sure that you'll find all of what you want to know, as it seems to come up quite regullarly.

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    Mous are £55.00p each ....
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    You can also use PearsonVue Testing Centres, the cost of the exams differ, depending on the type of exam you want to take. As mentioned before the MOS exams cost £55.00. However the MCDST/MCSA/MCSE, etc cost £88.00 per exam (then include VAT on top of this). You could go to or a similar site and you could get the vouchers for approx £90.00, cause it's a US site you don't pay VAT - hence a saving of approx £15.00

    Hope this helps on your quest of tests :biggrin

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    For all MOS exams and further infos about testing centers, instructors and even a sample of the simulation type exams you will find at

    The vouchers site from above has revamped their site and is now offering a MOS vocher for 60 USD = 35 GBP

    Also a hot tip for preparing software at you own path is the DDC training, as its a hands on simulation, just like the exam. Check out via google or here Of course all official Microsoft books cover all the topics of the exams. Best advice is anyhow extensive practice and training with the software.

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