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Corrupt File Mailbox

Discussion in 'Exchange Exams' started by itdaddy, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. itdaddy

    itdaddy Byte Poster

    hey gurus;

    Our Veritas backup (which i hate) failed due to corrupt file
    mailbox on Administrator. It had way to many files and eventually got corrupted. so i deleted all the emails out of the
    Administrator. but still says Mailbox file corrupt.

    wtf do i do now? i

    Top of Information Store Inbox and a bunch of garble gook chinese writing

    Example:WARNING: "\\MAIL\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\Administrator [administrator]Top of Information StoreInboxŒ〰〰〰〰扥㌶㍤㈸改㥢㐲ㄴ㡢敥㤳ㄶ愹㈶摥㍤㜰〰户㈸〸㘳㤷敦㔱㜴攸㔹愶㠱㍢慤挶㘲〰〰〰〰㠱搷〰〰户㈸〸㘳㤷敦㔱㜴攸㔹愶㠱㍢慤挶㘲〰〰〰改〷㙣〰〰Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" is a corrupt file.
    This file cannot verify.
    WARNING: "\\MAIL\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes\Administrator [administrator]Top of Information StoreInboxŒ〰〰〰〰扥㌶㍤㈸改㥢㐲ㄴ㡢敥㤳ㄶ愹㈶摥㍤㜰〰户㈸〸㘳㤷敦㔱㜴攸㔹愶㠱㍢慤挶㘲〰〰〰〰㠱搷〰〰户㈸〸㘳㤷敦㔱㜴攸㔹愶㠱㍢慤挶㘲〰〰〰改〷㡣〰〰Delivery Status Notification (Failure)" is a corrupt file.
    This file cannot verify.

    what do i do now:

    i did do a manual database cleanup on Veritas but i think i need to heal this mail box.

    thanks buds
  2. Sparky
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    Sparky Zettabyte Poster Moderator

    have you deleted the items from the recycle bin as well?

    Is there any AV running on the server? Sometimes this can cause probs with Veritas as well. Also there is a deleted items retention time on Exchange which may be an issue. 8)
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  3. GmanUK

    GmanUK Byte Poster

    How did you remove the emails? If you removed them by logging in to the mailbox as admin then deleting them...did you also remove them from the deleted folder?

    If all else fails you can detach the mailbox from within exchange, then re-attach it to the admin account. make sure to purge the accounts beforehand. :biggrin
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  4. itdaddy

    itdaddy Byte Poster

    hey sparky

    i think i got wha tyou said; once i rebooted mail server and
    deleted all and deleted emails from admin account
    it cleared it up. themanual clean of veritas always is good
    but have a feeling reboot plus clean of admin account fixed ths one.! and yes i was reading Veritas site and tehy said AV
    has issues with veritas causing corruption. this fourm rocks

    hey guys thanks so much for you help; i did print your recomendations
    for later hard issues.

    this is what i did

    Veritas recommends these manual cleaning steps for their software
    Veritas Backup

    does auto;but can fail
    but can do it manuall
    1. DB consist check
    2. Age Database - cleans out
    3. Dump database backup DB

    i did this

    cleaned out the admin folder and rebooted!

    i do think only the reboot of mail server and cleaning out
    the admin mailbox did the trick per veritas whitepapers
    but the above manual clean is recommend oncein a while
    when event view shows cleaning problems with DB

    thanks this forum rocks!

    robert (itdaddy)

    Robert W. Van Dyke
    2 year Networking Degree
    A+ Certifed: MCP: 70-270(1 of
    Credit Union Asst Network Admin

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