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Core RAM Clock Vs DDR I/O

Discussion in 'A+' started by JAG32, Mar 25, 2007.

  1. JAG32

    JAG32 Bit Poster

    Hi Guys

    With DDR2 memory are the actual FSB speeds double those of DDR? I've only ever worked with DDR so I'm a bit uncertain.


    DDR400 works on an actual FSB of 200 MHz * 2 = 400 MHz
    So would a stick of DDR2 800 work on an actual FSB of 400 MHz * 2?

    The reason I'm getting confused is the book I'm working from (Meyers) gives Core Clock RAM Speed and a DDR I/O Speed for DDR2.

    So for DDR2 800 its says Core Clock RAM speed of 200 MHz and DDR I/O of 400 MHz. Basically do I go by the DDR I/O and not the core clock?

    Cheers guys

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