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    Just googled this, and it looks as though it's the art of selling things using words.

    I've just seen a job advertised for someone to maintain a website(s).Or it's a main company with franchises which have their own websites.Anyway it's a bit vague to be honest, but there you go.

    The add says: "You will have creative and professional copywriting experience."

    Well I'm certainly creative, coming up with new ideas, so I'm thinking about sort of filling the gap there, as in make up for no experience.

    I've never built my own website, but the add says be able to use html editing software, or ability to learn.Well I can tick that box then.

    The add said you should have excellent English language and written skills with quals in these, which I do possess.

    It's all about using the skills you have, and transferring them.Just something about this add clicked with me, so I'm at least going to apply.

    What I'm after is advice off people who have experience of copywriting/maintaining websites, to describe what attributes/abilities are most important so that I can sell myself the best way.

    Or just general advice, if I'm making sense :D
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    My advice flex is to go for it. If you have word or frontpage at home then make a couple of sites for practice. If you don't have these then download 1 or 2 editors from the net and try them out. Adobe GoLive is very good and Dreamweaver is the dog's danglies of web editors although a little pricey (unless you know a teacher/student).

    As for experience, I think as a regular web surfer you know what makes a site good and easy to use.
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    yeah i would agree with Nugget, Flex. I myself have built a few sites but those were years ago and I did it over the web using their tools. but now I am building my own site for my PC support for people with PC problems and who want to get a new PC built and for this I am using Frontpage and so far its coming along ok. its just sumthing simple with nowt fancy. so really like Nugget says just put down what you have done and hopefully robert is ur dad's uncle.
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  4. sirdragon

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    go for it man

    judging by your WIP you are prob with NITLC and can get a student copy of Dreamweaver comparitively cheap.
    i would recommend it for maintaing websites as it very easy to learn and impliment, just like using a word processor really, and it is even easy to set up the FTP with it.

    all the best


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