Computeach or NITLC!! Please Help me?

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by gbaggerz, Feb 14, 2005.

  1. gbaggerz

    gbaggerz New Member

    Hi to all, im a newbie on here!!! looking to advance my IT knowledge.

    Im new to all this, i have had Computeach and NITLC come and chat with me, i want to do a MCSE 2003 and CISCO. Oh yer and Schidegger have also visited me, but nevermind them!!!! :rolleyes:

    I would like to hear all good points and bad points if any???

    I know Computeach will cost me £5200, and NITLC £3900.

    Any views would be much appreciated. :D
  2. drum_dude

    drum_dude Gigabyte Poster

    Hi gbaggerz, welcome to the forums!

    I can't really comment on Computeach as I have had nothing to do with them apart from a visit from a very pushy sales rep. Also someone I know who is a budding Actor aappeared on their adverts - he was the guy with short bloned hair working from home as a programmer with flash car and house. Like I said he's just an actor...but its strange seeing him as that character cos he's far from rich etc...LOL...I don't think he can even switch on a PC! He also starred in the Ocean Finance adverts too...

    I'm with NITLC for my MCSE course and find them to be very helpful and supportive. Their workshops are good as you are with like minded people, so learning something new and having a laugh is guaranteed! I've been to 3 of them and have enjoyed everyone of them. The building that they are based in is very modern and has a good atmosphere. The staff are very polite and all seem to be on your side...even the test administrators seem to take an interest in what your studying for...

    The course is expensive but I must admit that I have gained a lot out of it so far in that I've met and made new friends and have also learned something too!

    Anyway I'm sure others on this board will be able to fill you in more so i'll stop babbling!


    Certifications: MCP, MCSA 2000 , N+, A+ ,ITIL V2, MCTS, MCITP Lync 2010 & MCSA 2008, Sonus SATP SBC 1k/2k
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  3. gbaggerz

    gbaggerz New Member

    Thanks Sacha,

    Thats great to hear feedback on the NITLC, I do like the sound of the NITLC MCSE! How far are you through the course? do you work in the IT Industry at the moment? If you dont mind me asking do you think the course is worth it? Have you failed any exams, because i know you have to pay them for yourself if you fail? Im just scared of taking the first step, its a lot of money to layout, but if its going to benefit me in the longrun then it all for the best. And my last question what are the JOB SEARCH at NITLC, Does it help you?

    Thanks in advance

  4. drum_dude

    drum_dude Gigabyte Poster

    To be honest Graham, I'm am not disciplined enough to go Self Study...If I hadn't of gone wiv NITLC I think i'd probably be stuck on the A+ still! But thats just me!

    For me personally I think the course has been worth it. What really spurs me on is trying to beat others that I have met thru the workshops to posting an MCP pass on the NITLC message board.

    I failed my XP MCP which was my first...yes it was heart breaking but I retook it and passed. I paid for the retake.

    At the moment I am just over the half way mark with the course - I have my MCSA, N+ and A+.

    I was working in the IT industry but doing nowt at them moment as my contract with ITNET recenlty finished so I'm taking so time out to complete my 70-216 MCP. Once I have this I'll look for another job!

    I've never used the Job Search but have heard of NITLC getting people an interview etc...I think it depends on how loud you shout but I'm not too sure!

    Hope this helps

    Certifications: MCP, MCSA 2000 , N+, A+ ,ITIL V2, MCTS, MCITP Lync 2010 & MCSA 2008, Sonus SATP SBC 1k/2k
    WIP: Hopefully Skype for Business and some Exchange stuff...
  5. cazzam35

    cazzam35 Kilobyte Poster

    I've been with Computeach for just over a year now, and
    although they get very bad press about there salespeople,
    i've found them helpful and supportive really.

    At the end of the day what salespeople aren't a bit pushy
    at bending the truth slightly, and glazing over rounded
    corners, its how they make a living really. We've all been there.

    When i've needed support from them, they've helped, and
    when i've been really desperate, this forum has helped.

    I've found there are good and bad about any learning road
    you go down, and no one likes the same thing. What I
    have found is that many people who moan about Computeach
    have usually found out that they can get cheaper elsewhere,
    this is where they should really have done thier homework, it's
    quite clear from day one, what your payment is.

    I did my research and was happy (and still am) happy with
    my final decision to go with them, and I know that it isn't
    up to Computeach to get my job sorted at the end of it, but
    the biggest part of that is up to me, and how I play it......

    Finally, as I did, do your homework, put the good from each
    one, and the bad, and make your decision that way, and try
    not to be swayed by others opinions, its your money and
    your future.

    But above all, remember your choice has to be right for you.

    Sorry to go on and on, but i've heard so so many post of
    these companies being slagged of by people
    "having" to pay them so many thousands of pounds and not passing exam's,
    but that is down to the individual really not the teacher.
    I bummed out of school with no qualifications, cos i scived
    of everyday, so I should really go onto friends re-united school
    site and slag all my teachers of for not teaching me - get my point bud???

    You know you have the support from others on here, I only
    visit this site now, i was a member of a few others but here
    you can have a laugh, relax or be damn serious, and its a
    great bunch to be with mate - above all, enjoy your new
    learning curve when you get there????

    Cheers Callum
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  6. law123

    law123 Byte Poster

    Hi there :) . I was like you not sure about Computeach or NITLC. But I found this site and found it to interesting about peoples views on these training providers. One piece of very valuable information I picked is that it cost a considerable amount of money. So you must ask yourself are you absolutely certain is this type of study for you as it is a lot of money to throw away if you find you don’t like it.
    :hhhmmm The best advice I can give although is to consider self study. You could start with studying A+ which will give you an idea where you like it or not. I was advised about Mike Meyers A+ books. Some may think of it as a good sleeping tablet a few pages of the book and you are fast asleep or you may be like me and find it interesting. Either way you will get an idea of what you are getting into without a big cash outlay. The book cost about £28-£36 which is not a lot of cash.
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  7. gbaggerz

    gbaggerz New Member

    Im glad of your views law123, But i am going to do distance learning, i have thought about self teaching but i dont think it would be for me, as i need to be motivated to do something. Think im going to go down the NITLC route fingers crossed hey!
  8. gbaggerz

    gbaggerz New Member

    Thanks for your views on computeach, i have weighed up all the pro's and con's and i think i am going to go down the NITLC route as also is my work collegue so i would have a study buddy sad i know but i think it will help me complete the course. I cant wait to start it. But thanks again!!!!
  9. BaggyBoy

    BaggyBoy New Member

    Hi Folks, just joined too, been reading loads of Q&A's very interesting! I, like gbaggerz have been weighing up pros & cons but I have one other problem I have no IT experience at all and only limited PC knowledge,I am looking for a total career change.Have been eyeing up MCSE course for a while now but not sure if its a bit much do you think I would be better off doing something else first?Anyone!! Have also had bloke round and can get loan but its a lot of dollar to waste!!!!
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  10. poopy

    poopy Banned

    I have a friend who is on one of their course she is happy with the help she is receiving.

    What do you think of them and how long is their course

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