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Discussion in 'A+' started by neo, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. neo

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    Hi all

    I am studing for my computeach A+ and am strugling with the mock exam. i am getting around 84% in the test have been doing it for a while now dose anyone have any tips on how to get the last 6% so i can move on from this would be greatfull for any help.

    neo :twisted:
  2. Arroryn

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    Hi Neo

    Welcome to Certforums -

    - that depends on a lot of things. Which area are you dropping the percentage on? Is it a certain thing you can swot on, like IRQ designations, etc? Is it the same thing you keep on dropping, etc.

    Also, have you just used your Computeach material, or have you been studying 'outside the books'? Often reading a text by another author can open things up and put them in a new light.

    Personally, for swotting purposes, I use 'flashcards', and also put powerpoint presentations of info on a looped dvd to watch while I'm ironing :rolleyes:
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    Hi Neo, it seems you have not confirmed your account here at CF. You will not be able to reply to this post until you do so (it must have been moved from the newbie forum by another staff member), you will have been sent an email to the address you supplied when you registered.
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    Sorry. That was me, Si. I thought that it was more appropriate in the A+ forum. I didn't realize it would cause a problem. My bad. :oops:

    I did PM Neo letting him know what I'd done.
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  5. Tyler D

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    Hi neo,

    Which mock is giving you the problems?Hardware?,software? or the combined mock??

    Im a student with computeach also and i like many others took more than 1 attempt on the mocks before i passed.

    Have you tried e-mailing the tutor's?you can send upto 5 questions per day with your answers and the reasoning behind those answers and then they will point you in the right direction,a service that is very useful but not used by many students.

    Best of luck :biggrin
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