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CompTIA 901-902?

Discussion in 'A+' started by Juelz, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. Juelz

    Juelz Gigabyte Poster

    I have to ask.. when is it likely that the CompTIA A+ will get a upgrade to 901-902? I feel like I have to rush as I have the 801-802 materials which havent been to cheap and would hate for it to become outdated..

    Also I was wondering whether windows 8 was no incorporated into the A+ exam and whether windows xp had been taken out?
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  2. shadowwebs

    shadowwebs Megabyte Poster

    firstly I would recommend that you go for the 800 series rather than wait around to see when the 900 will be around, honestly though your probably looking at a couple of years before this happens... secondly, when I took my exam on the 700 series I do not remember there being any windows xp questions, but then at the same time this doesn't guarantee that there wont be any xp or windows 8, look through the exam objectives and have a think about the areas that may be included as the exam is vendor neutral and don't forget that windows xp is still supported by Microsoft for a little bit more time, so could still essentially be in there.

    good luck with the studies, and keep focused.
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