CompTIA 1001-1002 | 2022 Revision

Discussion in 'A+' started by Euphoriax, May 29, 2023.

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    I had purchased the CompTIA Certification Guide from Mike Meyers some time back and rather recently dedicated all of my spare time to studying and making notes on all relevant topics. However, I just came to realize in studying the 10th edition; I am a bit out of date with the current 2022 revision to the exam as the aforementioned edition was for the 2019 revision. I am near close to done with this book, and I am unsure on where to go after I finish it.

    Would it be advised I purchase the 11th edition and attempt to incorporate the new topics, or purchase an exam guide off of CompTIA to attempt to see what topics I am missing out on? I feel a bit silly for not looking into this beforehand, but now I am a bit stuck on what to do. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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