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    I have a problem when I want to compose a mail in Yahoo when the page does come up it has an error, The page has the 2 boxes at the top but nothing at the bottom except a click tab for 'Attach' thats it it can take anything up to 10 time before i get the page I can use, I usualy log out then in again, :( so if anybody can help I would be grateful.
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    Sounds like it has the "To" and "Subject" fields but no box for you to type a message in. In the upper right-hand corner of the Yahoo mail page, you should see a link called "Help". Click that. Among other things, there should be a method of contacting Yahoo for assistance.

    Of course, considering some of your other posts that indicating that your computer maybe be compromised with a virus or other malware, it might not be yahoo so much as your computer. Just a thought.
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