Client Bridged with Netgear Wireless N 150 (DGN1000)

Discussion in 'Wireless' started by LuckyStar, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. LuckyStar

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    I have a desktop computer that lacks a wireless card, since I moved to a bigger apartment my PC is too far away from my modem to be wired in :( A friend told me I could use an old router as a wireless adapter (bridge) instead of buying one!

    My main internet connection runs on Motorola Surfboard (SBG6580), everything in my home is wireless except for my desktop. If possible I want to use my old Netgear Wireless N 150 (DGN1000) as a wireless adapter.

    DD-WRT doesn't support my Netgear (DGN1000), any alternative options to pull this off?
  2. heky2k

    heky2k New Member

    check out tomato.
  3. zxspectrum

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    244 adapters&qid=1459952050&ref_=sr_1_2&sr=8-2

    Try them instead. If you go for them you will need to plug them directly into the mains, not through an extension lead. One lead goes into the router, whch goes to the plug, then that signal gets carried on your existing wiring set up, then plug the second adapter in where your pc will be and connect to your pc with a cable, and you will have a connection sorted

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  4. Kopite_21

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    I've actually just purchased these adaptors for myself last night as I'm turning my chalet in my garden into a study room so I can connect my Wi-fi through the power circuit.

    Can't wait until it's all setup
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