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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Ian_S, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. Ian_S

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    I was wondering if someone could clear something up for me? I have been told two conflicting pieces of information and would like to know which is true.

    1) MCSE exam certification is only valid for 2 years and must then be resat.

    2) MCSE exam certification is for life and the only resitting you must do is when the next version comes out e.g. W2k to W2K3?

    This has been bugging me for sometime and I can't seem to find any simple answers on the Microsoft website.

    Sorry I have not posted for some time but I have been snowed under at work and not had a chance. Just to update I am just finishing off A+ reading and hoping to take the exams as soon as.

    Many thanks.
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  2. Boycie
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    Hi Ian,

    That is news to me. I am not an MCSE but have been doing some research into it as that is my end goal.
    Some of the people on this forum are 2k or 2003 :D
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  3. Phil
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    Hi Ian,

    1) Not true for MCSE, Cisco exams expire after a period, I think it's 3 years
    2) Well, it is for life or as long as Microsoft decide it is valid, there isn't currently a lifespan on it. There are usually upgrade exams between old and new tracks so that you don't need to tak the whole track again.

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  4. Ian_S

    Ian_S New Member

    Cheers for the prompt reply. The more I thought about it the sillier the first point sounded but as you know anything is possible!

    Once again replies very much appriciated!
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  5. The_Geek

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    Exactly right.

    I work with folks who are certified as MCSE on the NT track. Although the NT track was retired long ago, they are still MCSE certified (NT) and will hold that certification until (1) they die or (2) M$ decides to invalidate that cert.

    So long story short, your M$ cert is good for life unless M$ decides otherwise.
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