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    Hi does anyone know anything about the above courses and if they are any good. I am in a slight dilemma at the moment im not sure whether to go down the a+/mcse route or whether to take the above courses instead. I have been doing some research to try and find out about them I would appreciate any opinions you have on the CIW and MCDBA. I have quite good html skills and know some Javascript when it comes to web design, I have been interested in this subject for a while and have even created my own little sites using html and Java. Wouldnt mind taking things a step further by taking the CIW course but I need to know if it is recognised by employers and does passing the CIW give you a reasonable chance of getting a job in web design or anything related to the Internet?

    The MCDBA course bought my attention because it is related to building and administering sql databases, which I think is something else that may interest me. Again, would taking this course increase my career prospects? and how much would I need to know in relation to databases to take this course.

    Many Thanks.

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    I've taken the CIW Site Designer and Master CIW Designer Exam. I'd give them 7 out of 10, they taught me a lot, but the exam is a real pig and isn't a good test of your abilities as a web designer. Also no one has heard of the CIW qualification, it's not the open ticket into a job its sold (in my case by Computeach) as.
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    I'm doing the MCDBA, but i've not really done enough yet to tell you if it's interesting or not. The stuff i've done so far (database modeling & design, no programming) has been good though. Just about to start on the SQL stuff so will let you know when i've done some more. Can't help you with the CIW!
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    I would follow your own mind.
    If you have an interest in web design why don't you follow that route and see how you get on?
    Why don't you buy some books on topics you would like to learn more about maybe such as Java, CSS etc and if you don't like it as much as you were expecting try the other route. :D

    Let us know how you get on.
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    Hi Gaz 45,

    I'm about to embark on the MCDBA cert path, I noticed that you are well into that. Can you let me know your thoughts on best media for study. I have just purchased Sybex sql server 2000 admin and sql 2000 admin virtual trainer.

    You imput would be much appreciated

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