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Cisco confirms design cert track may reach CCIE level

Discussion in 'Design' started by jackson, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. jackson

    jackson New Member

    Cisco spokesperson, Cara Sloman, has confirmed the possibility of expanding the Cisco network design certification track to a level on par with the current Cisco CCIE expertise level.

    The expansion could potentially demonstrate additional expertise and efforts in complex network theory and analysis.

    Cisco says the concept may be discussed at the upcoming Networkers at Cisco Live! (Cisco's 2007 Customer Appreciation Event on Wednesday, July 25th) in Anaheim, California.

    Cisco has been sending emails to Cisco certified individuals asking them to participate in an online survey regarding the Cisco certification program.

    The online survey has been asking Cisco certified individuals their perceptions regarding the following cert titles:
    Cisco Certified Master Internetwork Architect
    Cisco Certified Master Network Architect
    Cisco Certified Design Expert
    Cisco Certified Network Architect
    Cisco Certified Network Infrastructure Architect
    Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert - Design

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