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Cisco 887 & Easy VPN server & LAN access

Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by mgrevtech, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. mgrevtech

    mgrevtech New Member

    Before I post my full issues over here, would one of you cisco experts mind going through my router config and find out what is not OK/unnecessary/required here? Link to config - txt.do/di4y

    Quickly though - In the main office (887 router):
    Any machines when plugged in takes more than usual time to acquire an IP address. I see a status message saying 'Authenticating' on the NIC of the machines, right before it gets the IP, which is why I think the delay is caused. Any ideas?

    And on VPN connected clients via cisco vpn client (from branch office - 877 router):
    - having troubles with local LAN access from branch office but it does get connected
    - generally very slow network access like copying files from network shares
    - ping works to machines with dns manually set to ISP DNS server but ping does not work to machines set to local DNS (which is the router, no DNS windows server)
    - similarly, network shares/shared folders open up for machines which have their DNS pointing to ISP but not the shared folders on machines with DNS pointing to local router DNS.
    - nothing shows up in 'My Network Places' on PCs. Usually they are supposed to show all the shared folders and printers on the entire network.

    These are just some of the issues. If anyone could help out please. Thanks for your help.

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