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    Hi guys,

    A couple of months back now i decided i would prove myself worth while and start taking Microsoft exams. I have since passed my 70-270 Exam "Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional".

    I have now got my login to the MCP website where you can choose your desired route to becoming what ever you want to via the "Certificatation Planner"

    However from here i don't really understand how it is set up. I want to end up as an MCSE - Microsoft Windows Server 2003. So i click the link to that certification.

    From here you get a popup with different trees on. However this confuses me. There are 5 different trees you can drop down "admin w2k3 Upgrade (All *), MCSA W2K3 Upgrade (All *), New Certification (1*), NT4 Upgrade (ALL*), W2K Upgrade (ALL *).

    This is where im stuck. Which is the one for me? New Certification?

    Secondly for example I have passed the 70-270 which under "New Certification" It falls within 2 categories. It falls under Client Core (1*) and also under the Elective exams where i need 3 i imagine. Does this count for both Client and Elective or do you have to choose whether you want it to fall under the elective or client??


    If anyone can help me i would be most grateful as i don't find that Microsoft have set this "Certification Planner" up in the proper state.


    NEO-BAHAMUT- New Member

    Can anyone help me out with this as it is really confusing.

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