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Changing from Windows to Mac Admin

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by hailstorm, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. hailstorm

    hailstorm Bit Poster

    Just wanted to post a question in the hope that someone might be able to share some experience.

    Up until now all my experience has been with supporting Windows based networks. In my previous job I managed to get my MCSA certification. I'd say I have a good 3 years of experience now. 4 months ago I managed to get a well paid job with the county council where I live earning £19.5k. It mostly involves traveling around supporting all the different schools in the area, installing new systems and troubleshooting problems.

    While the new job offers secure employment and a decent salary I'd still be interested in moving on in a couple of years.

    One the areas I'm currently interested in is Mac OSX and I've managed to gain my first Apple certification. The only problem is my current job offers no opportunity to gain any experience with Macs. The official policy is we don't touch them and its not something that is going to change (my manager detests them).

    Without any experience, would changing platforms mean a cut in pay normally?
    Certifications: ACTC, ACSP, MCP, MCDST, MCSA
  2. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    You should not look at it as changing platforms, what you are doing is expanding your skillset. although you may not get much of an opportunity to support Mac's in your current role how many places do you see that run a purely Mac network? Not many I bet. The vast majority of places that I know of run windows networks with some Mac's being used, occasionally they even have a Mac server, however this is usually bound to AD in some way shape or form.

    I would suggest that you keep both skills upto date as you never know when you may just be asked to deal with a mac issue. Just because your boss doesn't like them doesn't mean you may not get the opportunity to deal with them.

    Does your boss know of your interest in Mac's? you may find that any Apple problems (if you have any) suddenly get pushed your way.
  3. Taita

    Taita Nibble Poster

    £19.5k for MCSA?

    Seems a bit low?
    Certifications: A+ N+ MCP
  4. hailstorm

    hailstorm Bit Poster

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I agree, most networks are mixed. I think thats what makes it interesting. So in that case then yeah I'd have an advantage with my existing experience.

    Yeah my boss is aware of my interest in Macs. I've offered help in the past with the odd Mac problem and I've been told not get involved otherwise it becomes our responsibility if it goes wrong. Not that I'd mind that but no one else in the team of people I work with have much of a clue about them.

    I was earning £15k before so to me £19.5k is quite a good step up. My pay scale goes up to £25k so I'm not complaining. It was around the average figure for this kind of work when I was looking. I don't manage anyone and most of the installations involve just following standard procedure. Not a whole lot of scope for doing anything particularly original.
    Certifications: ACTC, ACSP, MCP, MCDST, MCSA

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