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Discussion in 'Cloud and Virtualization Certification' started by linuxuser, Apr 23, 2021.

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    Hi Guys, if you had to give advice to someone on what certification path he or she would take to get a job working with GCP if they were completely new to IT (only help desk experience)?

    Asking for a colleague at work who is just starting out their carrier but want to work towards a Dev / Cloud role
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    Morning. They should aim for the Foundation level as this is the only one that requires no hands on. It gets them the Cloud Digital Leader certification though which sounds great.

    The associate level should be their goal but Google do say that this is for people with six months hands on experience. If they start playing now. Get the free tiny VM from GCP and keep playing and learning. Then they could go for the Cloud Engineer certification.

    I had a quick look and Udemy has loads of great courses on GCP for the usual £10-20 which is great
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    An entry level Linux cert might help too. He'd want to be able to understand and edit a userdata script that runs on first boot, maybe creates some dude called ansible, writes a string into an id_rsa.pub file for him and gives him nopasswd root. Or else something that does a mkdir and chown to some some stuff and then clones a repo into a /var/www folder, that sort of thing.
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    Maybe learn bash and Docker as well, maybe some postgres SQL. Basic networking, HTTP, api gateway stuff. Lot places use kubernetes over Ansible now.
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    Thank you everyone, I’ll pass on the advise. I should say though that they don’t have an IT background. They were recruited from Customer Services but I’m sure that won’t be a problem as they come across ambitious and eager to learn.
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