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Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Phil, Nov 30, 2003.

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    Welcome to the CertForums General Microsoft FAQ Page.

    What is the purpose of this forum ?
    This forum is designed to discuss any issues related to Microsoft certifications which aren't encompassed by the existing Microsoft Certification forums.

    What sort of topics are appropriate for this forum ?
    Anything related to Microsoft certification - there are a lot of Microsoft exams available, far more than are listed as being required for the MCSE or MCSA. Questions for those exams would be appropriate here. It's more than likely some of the questions raised will be covered by more than one forum. For instance you may have a real world problem that could be covered here or in the Networking forum. Don't worry about it - just pick the forum to which you think the question belongs.

    What if no-one answers my question ?
    Hopefully someone on the forum will always be able to help, but in those instances when you receive no response in a timely manner, please direct your comments to the forum moderator or the site administrator. Also, please keep in mind that, if your question is quite involved, it may take a bit of research on a responder's part before they can provide any assistance. Please try to be patient.

    How detailed should my question be ?
    The more detail, the better. Very often, it is difficult to respond meaningfully to a question if not enough detail is included. Sometimes, of course, it can be hard to know how much detail to include in an initial question and, in that event, responders may ask you to clarify certain points.

    Where can I find further information on other Microsoft exams ?
    If you haven't already found them, the official Microsoft preparation guides can be found here. If you are considering studying any of these exams, this should be your next stop as they have a complete list of the skills being measured.

    Are there any books for self-studying the Microsoft exams ?
    Yes, there is a wide range of study guides, self test and reference books available to help you - a good selection can be found here.
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