Cert goals for 2023

Discussion in 'The Lounge - Off Topic' started by Sparky, Dec 21, 2022.

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    Spend way much time looking an contracts and managing suppliers these days but still like to keep the certs going.

    SC-900 for me next year I think.

    Anyone else got any certs lined up?
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    You beat me to it this year, haha :D

    For me... If I complete any professional certs, it would be a bonus tbh...

    I'm on the last stage of my PGDip in Cyber Security (hopefully finishing in Sept/Oct 2003 with the results in Dec).

    I've still got my CEH exam to take but I am no where near ready.
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    I always enjoy this post. It’s good to hold yourself accountable by putting your goals out there.

    I’m very close to feeling ready to sit the Google Cloud digital leader exam. It’s only an entry level cert but I’ve not used it in production so to speak which always reduces my confidence a little.

    I’ll no doubt sit a bunch of VMware certifications because I work there. I really should update my VCAP Design and then do the deploy to get the coveted VCIX. I know I don’t have the time to try for a VCDX sadly but it’s fine. You’re looking at a year solid hard graft to prep for that.

    I need to start looking at university courses too. Work pay for such things and some of the team have qualifications from the likes of Harvard.

    A bit different but I fancy something like toastmasters too. That’s all about giving effective presentations. For me, the best most impressive people are the ones who can present very well. I’m ok. I die inside but as long as I don’t throw myself under the bus by admitting that, I’m told you’d never know! :D:

    Id love to do some CompTIA certs for fun. I enjoy them. Perhaps one of the new security certs perhaps as a treat to myself

    I find I have to study for a certification to keep pressure on me. When I do it freestyle with no exam in sight, I tend to meander and end up like this
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