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Cerco 1 Week(Free) IT Techincan Training Course

Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by manupr, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. manupr

    manupr New Member

    I found this job on reed.com for an IT trainee for cerco. Going in knowing nothing about the company. I completed a Deegree in business computing last year and have been looking for a job in IT for half a year now.

    I applied and was asked to go for an interview morning where a presentation was made making the company sounding good. But then having no knowledge of the company came up. I thought i would be working for this company and not being ask out on contacts that may or may not come not knowing how much of the year i would work or not if i got in. We had a test and then i had a interview and was offered a one week IT techinal course in crewe where they would pay for the course but i had to folk out for the travel an accomandation costs. Would be about £150.

    I would like to know if anyone here has been offered this and what there thoughts are and work they had got/

    Also after thinking about the job at first thinking its a good idea getting a start in the IT industry. I am yet to go on the training course thinking about what i should do. Is it worth giving up a job that does pay less than a year at cerso bout 15500 for there IT Tech Tole but if work only part of the year i would only be making a % of this money unknown to me what i would be making.

    Also due to having a job and needing to give 4 weeks notice asking what kind of notice they give on jobs. They saying the dont know you just get asked when they have one. Which mean;

    option 1 i work a my other job until they offer me work which i may have to turn down due to giving my notice because i dont have enough notice to role from job to the the other.

    option 2 i leave my jobs and in 4 weeks wait for a phone call from cerco to see them finding me work which may be for a week or 6 month.

    I Just wanted to know if anyone has gone though this and how it has turned out for them. I really want to get my start in IT but dont want to be kicking myself if this leads to nothing and be without either job.

    Any Help Would be Great

    Thanks manupr
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  2. Cerco IT Staffing So

    Cerco IT Staffing So New Member

    Dear Manupr
    My name is Steven M. Emden and I am the Managing Director of Cerco IT (Staffing Solutions) Ltd and I have been handed your Blog to reply to.
    Firstly I would like to tell you that you are not alone in having finished a Degree in Computing and are unable to find a job in the Industry.
    The IT Industry like all other industries want experienced staff and having a Degree only proves that you have the knowledge to pass exams; what it does not mean, is that you know how to do the job. Cerco's Contractors have been vocationally trained so that they have the practical experience and know how to do the job and employers such as Fujitsu appreciate this.
    Vocational practical training is the best way to get started in any Industry and consequently The CBI are urging the Government to pay more attention to it
    With regard to work prospects, Cerco "GUARANTEES" nothing, but ask yourself; why should Cerco pay to have you trained if they didn't believe that they had work for you?
    Finally as you are already in employment, Cerco's Free Training offer must be withdrawn, as they will not be able to recoup the cost of your training let alone make a profit from you working for them; sorry.
    Thank you for your interest in Cerco

    Steven M. Emden
    Managing Director.
    Cerco IT (Staffing Solutions)Ltd
  3. jamesclimax

    jamesclimax Nibble Poster

    what's happening to this forum at the minute? :x
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  4. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    Generally Speaking from experience IT Technicians fall into 3 categories

    One who like tinkering and are happy to stay in there current role until the end of forever, and rely on talent, and scrape through.

    Ones who spend thousands on training courses but generally dont quite have the magic

    The third type who want to progress and are happy to spend home time studying.

    The third kind usually go for self study for the initial courses then get work to fund there training as they become more specialised.

    My point being that doing a few IT certs via self study is the most cost effective way to get in the industry, if you need pushing all the way by a tutor, then not to be rude, but IT isnt for you.
    There is no information that a course will give you that a combination of books and some investigation will give you, also as some courses I have come accross have been poorly written (this also applies to MS courses haha).
    Also the only plausable benefit of some scheme such as this is the possible contacts they have, however YOUR the one doing the interviews, and really you should be doing your own job search, as life isnt handed you on a plate.

    No offence to the Cerco representative, but as they state there is no guarantee that they will get you a position, or that you will pass, but there is a guarantee that you will owe them money down the line.
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  5. Steve.L

    Steve.L Byte Poster

    Just do a search on Cerco in the forums, seems they have changed their modus operendi, I unfortunately got involved with them some years ago, for me personally not a particularly good experience.

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  6. Beerbaron

    Beerbaron Megabyte Poster

    My undergraduate degree was in business computing. Looking back I wish i had studied something more specific as the course was a mishmash of business, law, marketing and programming. I was lucky that my first job was on a help desk for an ISP and ive never really looked back.

    If you already have a job then the worse thing you can do is quit. Finding a new job will be all that much harder. Use your income and buy some MS exams and build up your knowledge. This will make you look more appealing to potential companies.
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