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    See the title, well I may be wrong, but doesn't that stand for RW = Re Writable.

    In Easy CD Creator I try and add some data to a CD-RW CD, but it says it can't write because the CD already has data on.

    So I search around the interface and find the delete contents of CD (or something like that) and proceed.

    Then it tells me that it's erasing the CD, however there's nothing on the CD anyway.

    So why the hell couldn't it write to it in the first place.

    I never use CD burning, only very rarely, so maybe I'm just being my usual dumb@ss self and missing something simple.

    I really don't need this cr@@@@@@p:!: :cussing

    Edit: Seemed to work on a new CD ok, at least it did this time.
    Don't know why it didn't work though, because the CDRW's fairly new and has only had minimal data written to it before.
    I won't be buying 'Master' CDRW's again if this is what they're like :x
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    Flex, I'm not sure but I think this type of problem has to do with closing the session or closing the cd. I think generally if you want to add more data later you have to tell the prog not to close the session.

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    Nugget come out from there. you're right. Flex mate I use Easy CD creator and I have found the same problem that you have had. and Nugget is right after you have copied the data you want and you wish to add more later on dont close the CD other wise you wont be able to re-write or overwrite to it. I have even done it with CD-Rs. I would format them first and if I am not ready to write to them I leave them open but not to be used in other CD drives until I have written to them. So bear that in mind mate.
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