CCNA Security 210-260 in about a month!

Discussion in 'Network Security' started by Sceritz, Feb 12, 2019.

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    I'm worried. I've been studying on serious mode for only a 3 weeks. (prior to that I was studying slow and hadn't prioritized it. I didn't realize my re-cert was so soon). I Have about 4 weeks before the test (MUST take to re-cert CCNA). I put in a minimum of 5+ hours a day and the material is not all foreign to me. However, I started doing some practice tests, and saw some questions posted online (folks said they were samples from BOSON) and I feel like I must not know anything.

    The questions seemed extremely specific and on some things that aren't even in the official cert guide OR CBT Nugget's videos (which are my primary study tools aside from a 5505 ASA I bought offline, and my GNS3 labs). For example one question asked about the specifics on an EAP version and gave 4 choices with 1.2's and 1.1's etc. It wasn't even mentioned in my material. I don't have BOSON and finances are keeping from jumping to buy it but I'm curious if I should anyways.

    What are some other free, or cost effective tools that really cover all of the material? I don't slack study or anything but I was amazed at how foreign some of the practice questions I found online seemed to be. Then some of them were CCNA based and not security?? Sure I know it but that would require more time to brush up on it.

    I really can't afford to fail this test both financially and professionally. It seems that I may need to take practice tests like crazy and have another, more detailed reference book to follow up on missed questions.

    Any recommendations?

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